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The Gene Keys: Planetary Catalysts for the Evolution of Human Consciousness

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The Gene Keys, founded by Richard Rudd, combines aspects of astrology, esotericism, the I Ching, and a metaphysical understanding of human genetics. This comprehensive system delves into realms of personal transformation and our collective evolution.

A few of the diverse benefits of the Gene Keys include:

  • Offering insight to our higher purpose
  • Unlocking our creative potential
  • Activating our inner gifts and innate genius
  • Illuminating the path to heal and awaken our heart
  • Aligning with ou…

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The 61st Gene Key of Inspiration - Moving from Psychosis to Sanctity


In the Astro-zodiac Gene Keys wheel, we transit through Gene Key 61 between 12th January to 17th January.

The 61st Gene Key has the Shadow of Psychosis. The hidden gift within Psychosis is the Gift of Inspiration, with the highest expression being the Siddhi of Sanctity. This is explored thoroughly in Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys book.

Within Human Design, the associated Gate 61 is found with the Head Centre. The Head Centre is the location for our ‘pressure to know’ and where we receive higher inspir…

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The Gene Keys as Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

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A key concept I have found very insightful to understand about the Gene Keys found along your hologenetic profile, is that they are not who you are; they highlight opportunities for your evolutionary growth in consciousness. So, in this way, the Gifts themselves are not given to you on a plate, even though you may have a greater potential to express them through certain keys. The Gifts are released after transforming the Shadow states.

The Gene Keys represent a fusion of Eastern and Western wis…

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A Secret Key - Gene Keys as a Treatise on Universal Light

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In the world of the Gene Keys, we embark on a profound journey through the very essence of existence itself – light. While this is an open secret, I feel this piece is really key to help deepen the voyage through this living wisdom. Although that may seem impractical, at times, I find it actually elucidates the contemplative process when we take this higher impersonal perspective.

Through the eyes of the Gene Keys, we see light as the fundamental building block of the universe. The 64 Siddhi's …

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A one liner for each of the Gene Keys Sphere's

Gene Keys Profile just Spheres

Let's explore the Sphere’s found along the Golden Path.

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The Gene Keys are a toolkit to help unlock specific qualities of consciousness within us. In a way, each Gene Key offers us a lesson to move from the Shadow state to the Gift expression of our heart.

The Sphere’s along the Golden Path are then like the different environments, containing the different forms of lessons that are layered holographically within our lives.

To help support your contemplation through your hologenetic profile a…

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