GENE KEY 40: Triumph with the GIFT of RESOLVE

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After many many months of being deeply immersed in writing, I am pleased to say I have completed my distilled versions for all 64 Gene Keys to feature in bespoke fashion for the Gene Keys Quest Book I will be offering to create for people. So now all the writing and artwork is finally done :-) .

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Although on a certain level I currently feel physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, I also feel spiritually fulfilled, having created something of real value to share these teachings with the wider world through this project.

A big step forward for my role as Gene Keys Guide. 

As the Gene Keys Transmission is a wild wisdom, it certainly doesn't give its secrets out on a plate.

Through contemplating and exploring the I Ching, Human Design Gates, esoteric astrology, theosophy and the Gene Keys, letting every element resonate within by being, there were many challenges to surmount as I entered into the diverse terrain of this living wisdom. 


After the Eclipse on the 8th April and Mercury Retrograde, my laptop data was completely wiped, reset, so I lost 3 days work that I hadn't backed up. So I had to rewrite 2 Gene Keys, one of them being the 40th Gene Key.

It was like the cosmic giggle, as I was coming toward the end of writing all the Keys, my Gift of Resolve had to be tested. The Gene Keys Transmission does have a way of initiating those who dare to imbibe its wisdom. 


As a celebration and to honour my own Resolve, I have decided to share the page from my Gene Key Quest Book of GK40.

Gene Key 40 happens to be the Programming Partner of my Culture, Gene Key 37. 

I hope you enjoy reading it and receive the essence of its power. 

Best Wishes


Here's an example Gene Key below :-)


The 40th Gene Key imbues us with a profound strength of heart by activating the power of our will. Through aligning our aspirations and actions in harmony with the whole, we are able to achieve remarkable feats with apparent ease, as if we’re being moved by a greater spirit far beyond our normal conception of self.

As we garner the courage to surrender to the sacred path of our destiny, we become instruments of nature on the earth plane. A fundamental theme of this Key is solitude. By harnessing the power of our aloneness, we develop a strong sense of inner conviction and moral clarity, striving to remain true to ourselves and our principles, even in the face of opposition or adversity.

By showing up for ourselves in this way, we are able to serve our community in our own rhythm and timing, delivering on our promises in the most fulfilling way, rather than aiming to seek validation and acceptance from the collective. In this way, we emanate an air of graceful relaxation.

The Shadow of Exhaustion

The Shadow of Exhaustion, however, leads us to succumb to the trappings of the modern world, following endless distractions and diversions that deplete our vital energy until we are unable to redirect ourselves without a significant course correction or physical breakdown. By directing our will through our mind rather than our heart, our actions inevitably go against the grain of life, using force to push an agenda to our demise.

As we grapple with issues of stubbornness or inflexibility, we risk becoming attached to our own beliefs or way of doing things. This behaviour may stem from a lack of self-worth, leading us to try and prove ourselves in the world. Yet without clear boundaries, we may be easily taken advantage of by others, drawing our energies in multiple directions away from our core truth.

When we identify such patterns in our life, we may be tempted to completely withdraw from the world, possibly leading to intense loneliness. Unfortunately, isolating ourselves in this manner cuts off potential support from others. The dilemma lies in identifying areas of excess in our lives where we're not truly nourished by life, and then trimming them back to restore balance and harmony.

The Gift of Resolve

The Gift of Resolve empowers us with the ability to say ‘no’ to certain things and ‘yes’ to others. By establishing clear boundaries with others, we can channel our energy productively while honouring our own needs and resources. It’s not that we never offer our support to help others, but that we understand the importance of self-preservation.

Despite our deeply compassionate and service-oriented nature, this Gift encourages us to maintain a certain level of detachment when necessary. The lesson with this Key is about balancing our drive to be of service with our own enjoyment of life. In this manner, we can ensure our community contribution not only enriches others, but through appropriate reciprocal appreciation, our efforts also bring great satisfaction to our soul.

With heartful Resolve, we can set our sights on a noble ideal or goal and follow through all the way. As we make the decision to commit to our higher purpose as a soul-driven pursuit, our enthusiasm will fill us with life force, propelling us forward along the natural course of our destiny.

While it may appear from the outside as if we’re working really hard, through this genius, our actions stem from a higher impulse running through us, often flowing out effortlessly. As we are called upon our meaningful life mission, the sheer strength of our work ethic and presence will garner great respect from others, inspiring them to support us on our quest.

Such leadership qualities are invaluable within team settings, yet this virtue comes from being rooted in self-reliance, capable of standing alone to make decisions confidently with notable calmness and determination.

The Siddhi of Divine Will

As we fully surrender our personal will, the Siddhi of Divine Will assumes control of our being, serving as a guardian of divinity, akin to Archangel Michael confronting the darkness to transmute it back into light. Despite our valour being tested to reach this state, our vessel is moved by a choiceless awareness.