The 61st Gene Key of Inspiration - Moving from Psychosis to Sanctity


In the Astro-zodiac Gene Keys wheel, we transit through Gene Key 61 between 12th January to 17th January.

The 61st Gene Key has the Shadow of Psychosis. The hidden gift within Psychosis is the Gift of Inspiration, with the highest expression being the Siddhi of Sanctity. This is explored thoroughly in Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys book.

Within Human Design, the associated Gate 61 is found with the Head Centre. The Head Centre is the location for our ‘pressure to know’ and where we receive higher inspiration. It therefore governs our mental activity and our ability to formulate philosophical understandings of life.

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I happen to have this 61st Gene Key as my EQ within my hologenetic profile. Here are some of the themes of this Gene Key I assembled for my forthcoming Gene Keys Quest Book.

The 61st Shadow of Psychosis

  • Unable to perceive true nature of reality

  • Disturbed mental geometry attracts disturbed thoughts

  • Finds safety in the known mundane world

  • Loses touch with the magic of life

  • Feels dejected when uninspired

  • Fanatically follows outer ideologies for peace

  • Hero worshipping outer authorities or leaders of some kind

  • Incessantly seeking to understand life

  • Mind seeking to know itself within the Maya like illusion

The 61st Gift of Inspiration

  • Creativity as path to higher consciousness

  • The healing potential of creatively working with our hands

  • Conceptualising the higher principles of life

  • Receiving divinely inspired insight from higher-self

  • Revels in the mystery of life to enter the unknowable realms of existence

  • Inspirational creative expression & originality in transmission

  • Sanctifying the self opens door to divine nature

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