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Dilemma – Perspective
Victim State – Details

Shadow - Inertia

• Repeats same old cycles of the collective
• Lost in unnecessary details & trivia
• Stuckness saps life force and enthusiasm
• Old grooved patterns hard to escape
• First step sets the tone for rest of journey
• Power of sustained activity towards goal

Repressed – Reluctant to change pattern even with a clear way out due to depleted resolve after walking in circles for ages, frustrating onlookers

Reactive – Diverted attention with a restless inability to commit, continually seeks various stimuli, never finding a progressive pattern in life

Gift - Determination

• Magical power of intention & will
• Focused & meticulous attention to detail
• Resolutely aims arrows of aspiration to ideals
• Follows magnetically aligned heart’s guidance
• Newly forged groove becomes easier
• Higher purpose guides path of destiny