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Dilemma – Boundaries
Victim State – Jealously

Shadow - Division

• Hierarchy divides humans into social classes
• Humans are programmed to follow leaders
• Leadership through force dispels all loyalty
• Attracts leaders who prolong disempowerment
• Advices without invitation leading to upset
• Oversteps role by becoming too directive

Repressed – Hidden leader or guide holds back their higher wisdom from the world leading to inner frustration and resentment

Reactive – Dictatorial nature abuses position as leader, reinforce their status by locking followers into rigid patterns of victimhood on all levels

Gift - Guidance

• Inspirational guidance from behind the scenes
• Empowers individuals to find their own way
• Pure listening presence guides without words
• Recognised and chosen by the people to lead
• Heartfelt magnetic presence directs us to future
• Noble voice of authority instils confidence