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Dilemma – Tightness
Victim State – Self-obsession

Shadow - Self-obsession

• Individuation as an aspect of human evolution
• Ego self builds up false personal identity
• Obsession with finding self instead of living it
• Self-centred approach to life unaware of others
• Poor self worth and self esteem
• Prioritises others over living own destiny

Repressed – Self-denying disconnects us from the heart of our inner self and the divine within, focusing outwardly on everyone but ourselves

Reactive – Narcissistic nature excludes everyone else from their awareness while fearing they’ll lose their false illusory identity

Gift - Naturalness

• Honours uniqueness of every individual
• Role models self love as authenticity
• Sovereign heart as an inner guiding force
• Living myth of soul as naturally aligned path
• The easy way is the right way
• Pure Beingness sees all as enlightened