A Secret Key - Gene Keys as a Treatise on Universal Light

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In the world of the Gene Keys, we embark on a profound journey through the very essence of existence itself – light. While this is an open secret, I feel this piece is really key to help deepen the voyage through this living wisdom. Although that may seem impractical, at times, I find it actually elucidates the contemplative process when we take this higher impersonal perspective.

Through the eyes of the Gene Keys, we see light as the fundamental building block of the universe. The 64 Siddhi's are each fractals of this one source light. Light in this sense, is not merely a passive phenomenon but a dynamic force that underlies the cosmos, a living field of universal intelligence, acting as the medium through which consciousness is expressed and transmitted via ever expanding and fluidic fractal patterns. 

This intricate dance of energy patterns gives rise to the emergence of archetypal geometries, serving as a conduit through which the light intelligence flows and manifests in its myriad ways out into the world of form. In this way, life is a multidimensional tapestry of light. There are also Siddhi's that manifest as the purest stillness and silence.  

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Your hologenetic profile, in essence, unveils a luminous field of light potentials that can be explored through the lens of your heart and mind in harmonious unity. We can guide this with our conscious awareness and intention through contemplation.

The Gene Keys offer you a glimpse into the expansive potential of collective human genius as we are each instruments for this living light intelligence to express through. Your body is made out of light in various layers and levels of density, the essence of which is often referred to as your inner light.

You are a unique expression of this universal light, refracting your own signature frequency patterns like an array of kaleidoscopic colour and sound.  Just as a beam of light passing through a prism is refracted into a spectrum of colours, consciousness is refracted into an infinite tapestry of unique and individualised expressions of universal light.



The Gene Keys offers us a profound philosophy that unveils the universe as a luminous tapestry of light. As we embrace our inner light, harmonizing our heart and mind, we not only illuminate our own path but contribute to the ever-evolving mosaic of universal consciousness, making our existence a beautiful testament to the essence of light that unifies us all.

Thanks for reading, Quinn