A one liner for each of the Gene Keys Sphere's

Gene Keys Profile just Spheres

Let's explore the Sphere’s found along the Golden Path.

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The Gene Keys are a toolkit to help unlock specific qualities of consciousness within us. In a way, each Gene Key offers us a lesson to move from the Shadow state to the Gift expression of our heart.

The Sphere’s along the Golden Path are then like the different environments, containing the different forms of lessons that are layered holographically within our lives.

To help support your contemplation through your hologenetic profile and the Golden Path, I thought I would write a one liner for each of the Sphere’s to summarise what that Sphere’s journey may entail.

The Golden Path Sphere's

Life's Work

The journey to refine your outer and highest expression in the world


The main challenge or obstacle that will present itself throughout your life path and at the Gift level, a place of nurturing and grounding to support your Life’s Work.


This Key influences our overall mental, emotional, physical health as reflected by our aura.


Our higher purpose as a quality of Being, magnetically resonant and grounded with core stability.


How we attract experiences and relationships into our life to serve our Dharma, our sacred life path.


Heart mind intelligence and at the Shadow a mental defence pattern to protect our heart.


Emotional Intelligence and main emotional defence patterns.


Spiritual Intelligence – Mythology of our home coming to the heart of our purity and a quality our inner child needs throughout life to fully blossom.


Specific fractal aspect of the Sacred wound to be healed for the collective


Core talent to initiate in the world after transforming the core wound into its Gift expression.


Where and how life will organise around you to truly shine as your best within the whole and at the shadow, creating the main block to prosperity.

Brand (Same as Life’s Work)

The most aligned Style and Voice expression for your work to transmit the frequency of your inner Truth.


A quality to cultivate your natural prosperity and harvest in life as divine simplicity.

Gene Keys Profile just Spheres


Next year, in 2024, Gene Keys will be releasing a new sequence called the Star Pearl that brings greater harmony and balance to the Pearl Sequence. This will include 3 new Gene Keys, as well as many new pathways to explore within the Star Pearl structure itself.

I hope you found this useful.

Best Wishes